The sky is the limit
60 Tonnes of Lift.
167 Feet
of reach.
The largest knuckle boom in the Central Interior
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Our Services

We offer crane and transportation services in B.C. and Alberta. We can line up transport trucks for large projects to keep crane costs down. Swampers and labourers on request. If we don't have what you need we will get it or let you know who provides the service you need. 

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Mill Site Lifts

Able to do various lifts at mill sites.

Inside Buildings

Knuckle booms work great inside buildings where head room can be an issue.

Lathe Moves

We move Lathes too.

magnet spikes crane

About Us

Glenn has been serving the Prince George area for over 23 years in the knuckle boom service industry. A crane service that will give you a budget cost or a hard dollar cost to complete your project. When you call Glenn you will not get an answering service, Glenn, or a member of his team, will answer the call. 

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